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My Response to Friendship Tag

Good luck ... bad luck
What's the diff?
We make our own
Choices of if

IF I had known you >br> Long before
Possibly we'd be
So much more

IF God and Satan
Fought it out
There'd be no sin
Without a doubt

IF life is just
A thoughtful dream
Then of this crop
You are the cream

IF Heaven is the
Place I go
I'll meet you there
Just so you know :-)

IF friendship tag
Is just a game
I'm "it" ... I'm glad
From you it came

I sent one out
To Chattie too
The one to her
Was not to you

A different poem
For each new friend
It seems these poems
Never end

They're stuck inside
Who knows how long
Until one day
It comes out strong

So here we are
Talking .... but not
I'm truly glad
This Web I bought

I better go
And let you be
Cuz if I don't
My pants I'll pee!

Awesome Cyber Greetings
Thank You so much for the Beautiful Christmas Card. You are the dearet friend. I look forward to hearing from you when I go online. My life has gotten so much better in the last few months. I am finally getting on with my life now and am sharing it with a most wonderful man. Bruce I never knew what it was like to be treated with love and caring the way he treats me and my children. We for years have been through more bull than a manure factory could produce in 10 years. As my sons and daughter always said Mom it'll pay off one day and it has. I am going into a new year and a new century with nothing but the best now. The gravel burns on my rear end are gone Forever!!!! But it is dear dear friends like you who can make me laugh hen I am down, come throughon special occasions like the kids birthdays and just being there that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. If I was granted another wish it would be to meet you and all my internet friends one day. To You and Yours I wish the best in everything life has to offer. With a heart as kind and wonderful as yours, you deserve no less. Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Most wonderful and enchanting New Year. God Bless You All My Love, Marge

You should know so well by now         How I trust you my friend and pal So share my letter with your sis          Let her know that dreams come true To always keep her secret wish           That life can sometimes be a zoo But alot of faith and family love            Plus a little help from above Will one day prove            That dreams and wishes do come TRUE!!!!!!! So my answer to you is a definite yes you may share as I know you are doing this cause you care

Free Hug   Christmas Jokes   Cherished   
When I look back on the last year or three I try not to remember the pain hindering me I do remember the tears I shed when my older 2 graduated thanks to the support to which they were fed I remember the day the coach came to me and said So your the one who taught TJ to throw a 90mph fastball, Then I remember when my little girl walked down the Lyric Opera House Hall graduating with honors and feeling tall. I remember the thank yous my older two said and how I realized they were properly led I remember when Richard sang at a talent show Wing beneath My Wings and dedicated it to me as I was his inspiration when no one else would believe. Now at 15 he's confident and sure with 40 musicals 2 dramas and Homicide that his talent is pure. I remember when little Billy 2 yrs ago at Christmas a mere age of 8 took up a collection for a family who dealt with fate. Thier house on Christmas Eve burned down and my child and I headed a community plea all over town to help this family get on thier feet The gifts poured in and Little Billy with his Maxwell House coffee tin collected enough for me to open a bank account for this family in need. A local newsman was inspired by this and every year sends his Christmas wish I remember when I thought life was so unfair and that I would never find a mate who would give a care. I now have been blessed by the angels above through the Dear Lord I am finally in LOVE I remember the day I bought this web and onto the internet I did head I remember the day that I met You and I must say now my memories are good that if I had to do agian I would repeat so once again DJ SWEEPER I would meet I send to you all hugs and kisses lots of good cheer and many Christmas Wishes When it comes down to sit and reflect I still say you're one of my BEST FRIENDS on The INTERNET Happy Holidays, Love, Margie

There was a guy and he had a girlfriend called Lorraine. She very pretty and he liked her a lot. One day he went to work to find that a new girl had started working there. Her name was Clearly and she was absolutely gorgeous.   He began to like her and after a while it became obvious that she was interested in him too. But, he was a loyal man and he wouldn't get involved with Clearly while he was still going out with Lorraine.   He decided that there was nothing for him to do but to break up with Lorraine and date the new girl. He planned several times to tell Lorraine but he couldn't bring himself to do it.   One day as they were walking along the river bank, Lorraine slipped and fell in to the river. The current carried her off and she drowned.   The guy stopped for a moment by the river and then ran off smiling and singing............   "I can see Clearly now Lorraine is gone..............