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New York
Mother in Florida (10 min. from MMonce)

This is ok. There is no reason why you should feel a cad. I am not mad. I am just extemely frustrated with all the emails I get. See before I got this nic I had a different one that was an eye-catcher type of name. I would recieve anywhere between 40 to 60 emails a day. Now I have been getting anywhere between 80 to 100 a day. I am just loosing my mind. I also have a sicko sending emails to me and my friends so I am really cautious about who I talk to and who I don't. Now I feel bad. I am soory if I came across as rude or anything.

Crystal dear, please do not fret You are not on my list I'd planned to hit the "reply" spot But then by one I missed And so I hit the "reply all" And now I feel quite bad 4 others today mailed me Made me feel like a cad ROCKINROBIN666 A friend of mine I say Send out a Make a Man/Woman I received today And so I put my interest in Number 15 spot But when I went to hit the send "Reply all's" what I got You're addy's safe ... I didn't add It to my very own I swear I won't if you decide I should leave you alone It really was an accident Alas, I have no proof All that I can offer you Is that I speak the truth I thought the game looked kind of fun But yes, I pushed to quick Acceept sincere apologiy From DJ-Sweeper's nic I ask this in the season now To find within your heart A little love ... a little trust And possibly a start Of friendship with a stranger who Has made a dumb mistake By hitting the wrong button Yes, it's caused my heart to ache If I had known what this would do I would not have replied To ROCKINROBN's little game I'd just have let it slide So, once again, I'm sorry From head down to my toes But Merry Christmas anyway With that, I now will close   Apologeticaly; Bruce

I am one of the people that had contacted the FBI on Merl Monce. I have all of his info and everyone has done a great job in helping me and my friends try and get rid of him. I know of all the names that he uses. He is one of the most perverted people that I know online and I am one that has had to deal with him. He has bothered almost my entire list more than he has me. He is afraid of me because he knows that I know where he lives and such. My mother lives in FL about a 10 minute drive from him and she went to his house in regards to all of this. Since then I have recieved only 2 or 3 emails from him threatening me because my mom has gone there. He is so stupid. LOL!!!! You can add me to your list and help out if you'd like to.

I did not know that someone can do that!!! It is a pain in the ass when I get emails and they have all these graphics on the emails or when they have something attached to it that makes downloading it a forever process. I am going to go to bed in a couple of minutes. I have been working all night long and I am sooo tired right now. By the way....where are you from???

I have already added you to my list. No I do not live in FL. Right now I wish I did. I hate the cold weather. I live in NY. My mom lives in FL. Well am off to bed. I would really like to learn how I can do that on my webtv. I am pretty busy most of the day tomorrow but night I am not sure of at this point. I will let you know when I am available. Good Night

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