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Boston, Massachusetts

Out of control I came into this world,not knowing all. Awaiting the day of my very first fall. Growing up, was a challange to me. All I wnated to do.was to run free. I had no clue. Not knowing what to do. One day at a time. Seeing all this crime. Growing up too fast. Always living in the past. Here in the city. Having never any pity. I had to take chances. With all my romances. With no helpng hand. Now I understand. I was out of control

I dont think I can talk to you like I have been anymore. I am hurting real bad inside right now. I am depressed and disgusted with everything.I will still go to the games once in a while but being friends hurts me too much and makes me sad about everything. I dont want to hurt your feelings but if I get caught it will only add fire to the hurt I feel already. I really lke you DJ you know that, and I will miss having you as a close friend is too painful.   Pookie

   Message From: Date: Mon, Feb 21, 2000, 9:57pm (MST+2) To: Subject: Poem I WILL TRY I will try to be strong PLease dont take too long. You are my friend,when I am in need When I met you ,you planted a seed. Now I am a friend for life,I wish good things for you.You know what you have to do. So please Hurry and dont you worry. For I will try ,not to cry. for this is not goodbye. Until we meet agian ........Krissy