Bruce Parsons

To Jenn - Daesey

Whenever time permits me
I stop to think of you
I question then ... "How is your day?"
And pray God pulls you through
For all of us have days that aren't
Quite perfect ... this I've found
To get me through those types of days
For God I look around
I see him in the rustling wind
The stars, and in the sun
Tis nice to know that He is here
For each and everyone
So may you have a joyous day
May hopes and dreams come true
It's nothing much, but it's from me
As a true friend ... I LOVE YOU!

I'm searching for an online friend
I met some time ago
She's talked with me a few times now
Our words just seem to flow

She knows that she can be herself
Everytime we meet
And even now, without a pic
I'd know her on the street

She has an outward radiance
That comes from deep within
It's called a gentleness of soul
It's touched me ... once again

I thought I heard her calling me
A voice from who knows where
Had crossed the span of many miles
And questioned, "Are you there?"

I answered back, "Of course I am
Anytime I'll be
Come rain or shine." She asked once more
"Why do this just for me?"

The response was immediate
And truthful in reply
There was not time at all to think
It started out, "Cuz I ...

Have felt the pain of torture
I've hungered in my soul
I've heard the cries of victims
Of an insincere cajole

I've seen too often that which makes
Another person cry
The answer dear is inside you
To ask is knowing why

Cuz I'm a friend that's unlike those
That don't hear what is said
To me excitement's not just simply
Wanting you in bed

Sure, I may slip, I'm just a man
Humanity's in need
Saying that we're perfect
Is an outright lie indeed"

She listened, quietly at first
While questions came to her
One by one I answered them
And still, she wasn't sure

What one believes to be the truth
Is also known as set ()
It's not another language dear
We, through time, forget

She told me things that just a few
Could have the right to know
She led me places no one else
Has had the right to go

She has a true friends loyalty
She has it for all time
If ever she should slip and fall
I'm there to help her climb

Jenn, most things contained in here
You feel or see or hear
Any questions in regard
You know that I'll make clear

I'll wait a little bit in case
You are still around
I'm pretty sure you're sleeping though
I sense no wakened sound

And so, in closing, sleep my dear
And wake up quite refreshed
Sometime tomorrow in your day
There's gonna be a test

Sent message From: (BruceP.) Date: Sat, Dec 25, 1999, 11:43am To: Cc: Subject: Re: Foreverfriends That's exactly how I see My friendships here online They mean so very much to me Their hearts are dear to mine Debbi, thanx for sending that It's from a heart so true A bit ago, from where I sat I sent this off to you Merry Christmas Debbi I hope your day goes well My holiday got "spendy" How much? ... I'll never tell Tis no concern of money Tis passing hope and love I think you know it honey By "ForeverFriends" thereof I thank you from down deep inside Where love and friendship grows I know in you it does reside Your heart's so pure ... it glows :-) May you find happiness and joy in everything that comes your way today. Friend4Ever&ADay; Bruce

Ignore the picture on your mail
Why would you want me to?
In doing so I'd surely fail
To know that person - you.

Many things within reside
Our fears and gropes and trials
And each one is a part inside
Of tears and hopes and smiles

Don't ask of me to not look for
Your tender soul again
What better way to bring out more
Than starting from within

The pic's there cuz it moves you
It speaks of things you love
Honesty behooves you
It fits you like a glove

I'll let you go for I must too
The workplace calls to me
Though rather I'd stay here with you
Work helps ... financially ... (lol)

Be well Debbi :-)


P.S. Did you hear PLEASURE's mother passed away Christmas Day? ... I don't know her personally, but we have chatted a few times. I really must send her something. Although a sympathy card from online would be the appropriate thing, I was thinking more on the lines of a poem. Let me try it out on you first. Let me know what you think, k?

Sometimes ...
When no one's around
You'll find me kneeling down
Praising God for life
When loved ones die ...
I know they're Heaven bound
Mixed emotions I have inside
No words can describe

I know we go
To a better place than here
Those that remain
Still shed tears of out sadness ... everyday

When no ones around
You'll find me kneeling down ...
To pray

To Gale :I wish also you'd be here Though sitting in the dark Is not the way we'd make good cheer Perhaps we'd go n park Then truly you could honk4peace And I'd quench your desire It'd be quite hot but know at least We'd both enjoy the fire I dreamt of you last night in bed And though I've seen no pic The red hair there upon your head Really did the trick I woke up feeling randy Alas ... the papers called I'd rather have drunk brandy Than deliver ... so I stalled I tried to get the dream back But it was too late for that So I hopped out of the sack Out to the car ... then sat I let it warm a little bit Twas only 28 I thought of you ... how well we'd fit Together ... on a date We wouldn't go for dinner We'd both teach ... and we'd learn We'd sexercise ... get thinner So much heat we might burn

Message From: (BruceP.) Date: Fri, Dec 31, 1999, 2:19pm To: (rae painter) Cc:,,,,,,,,, Subject: Re: Fwd: Happy New Year It matters not where we were then But that we are here now Meeting online friends has been A welcome we allow The internet holds many things There's shopping done online Reservations fit for kings Roses that are fine The best thing here that I have found Are new friends far from me It's been awhile I've been around In ridic's room you see I see someone I recognize A friendship that's in bloom And then, of course, it's no surprise We "create" a new room Then we chat of how we are And where and what we do And then the question that seems par Age, Sex, Location ... U? Aside from this, there's many here That do not travel much Online we meet these friends so dear And yes, our hearts are touched We learn of others childhoods We learn from their mistakes We learn each others "bads" n "goods" We learn just what it takes To be a friend ... Compassion is A loving in the soul You wonder ... "Is it within his" I answer ... "That's my goal" I'm 41 and like to share Online I feel at home Balding? ... Hell, I've got NO hair Atop this shiny dome I don't know all you on this list Someday I hope I will Unless, at midnight, power's missed I'll be on then ... until So Rae, you have a happy one :) And Marge, you do the same ;) Diane, go out and have some fun :) And Donna ... like "our" name :) The others that are sent thereof This wish is for you too :) I wish that peace and hope and love In this life catches you :) Take care cuz I care; Bruce

Message to Honk4Peace - Gale on 2-1-00
We did meet on the Internet Miles and hours crossed By only turning on our set No time at all is lost Tis true that we may never meet That could be both our loss But here online, we'll always greet When our paths will cross Take care of yourself my dear And know you're in my thoughts Each and every day you're here You've comforted me ..... lots Sometime when you've time to spend I'll show you how to "save" E-mail from family or friend Results of which you'll rave

In Harmony
Four Roses