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Thanksgiving Day Poem

Today we should give thanks to things
Like friendship .. and to all it brings
It makes the world a closer place
Only love will join this race

The human race I'm speaking of
We all are the products of love
And so, in truth, I say to you
Before Thanksgiving Day is through

We need to count our blessings here
Sit back, relax, and shed a tear
For nothing is as bad a waste
As missing things within our haste

Look for blessings everyday
Find within yourself the way
To ease you into what is right
To see yourself as others might

A change of attitude is hard
Break down the walls .. let down your guard
To start a gracious thankful day
I got down on my knees to pray

I thank the Lord for what I've got
I'm thankful for things I have not
Encountered yet down my lifes road
A gift of poetry that flowed

Was within me when I awoke
(No Dr. Pepper, had a Coke :-)
And still I thank the Lord above
For family and friends to love

So when this red light flickers on
For you it means a message gone
Into the mail and sent to me
And I accept it ... thankfully

Accept this day for what it is
Look around this world of His
For truly that's the only way
We can enjoy Thanksgiving Day

May you have the best Thanksgiving you've ever had, and may each day afterwards, in turn, be an even better day, until, at last, the whole world can see in you the tender soul that resides in each of us ... and may you also see that tender soul in the whole world.

Praying for Peace on Earth;
Bruce Parsons


The visions that my eyes have seen
Have been of nature's grasslands green
And you and I strode hand in hand
Across the fields where cornstalks stand

That was before ... I know not if
We will again ... but through this gift
Of internet where "strangers" meet
There's few connect ... it is a treat

That once again we found lost love
The kind love stories are made of
We carry on each passing day
Remembrances of far away

And yesteryear still comes to mind
We were in love ... a man that's blind
Could "see" that we were happy thus
I still dream of those days of us :-)


Hugs are nice ... I thank you much
For even just a simple touch
Can mean the world and so much more
Cuz hugs can touch the very core
Of who we are and what we feel
And what we surmise to be real
Well, all I know is friends found here
Are heartfelt in their words of cheer
So, Chattie ... let me say to you
No matter what you say or do
You've got a friend for all of time
One who responds mostly in rhyme :-)

Have a great day Chattie!!


You are quite right, we've never met
But if we would I think we'd get
To be good friends cuz I'm the kind
That treasures friends whom I may find

A little about me I send
I'm 41 and don't pretend
To be something that I am not
Cuz friends like those are soon forgot

I'm married now for 16 years
And currently my wife has fears
Cuz cancer's in her father's chest
6 months or so ... then Heaven's guest

Deanna is my wife's first name
And she has been my claim to fame
Without her I choose not to live
In fact, there's nothing I'd not give

To keep this girl from my high school
We fell in love and she's my jewel
High school sweethearts wedded now
Without the questions "why" or "how"

A little insight to my life
A dog, a cat, a loving wife
We both love kids but none have we
2 years a hysterectomy

But, such is life, and so it goes
At least we're with the one we've chose
To spend our lives so much in love
Tis only her that I think of

Nice to meet you Jill -- I'm Bruce :-)


To: (Jill D) Subject: Re: FRIENDS
To hold a love for many years
Takss understanding hearts
Through times of laughter and of tears
The loving never parts
No one has said twas easy though
Few things in life will be
But onward through this life we go
As friends now .... you and me :-)


Let me try it this way
So as not to play the clown
I think more what I mean to say
Before I write it down :-)

Tis true appearances cause haste
In judgements people make
Tis also true that people taste
Some scorn when called a fake

Now this is true throughout mankind
As humans we're the same
And deep inside our hearts are lined
With good ... our claim to fame

I meant to say it more as such :
When we meet online friends
We leave at home our "human" crutch
For which we've no amends

Or maybe it's the fact our space
Can't be invaded here
We pick and choose our words of grace
Of wisdom and good cheer

There is no body language seen
Regardless what is said
So is it what we truly mean
Or are ourselves misled?

We'll be ourselves while here online
But "players" break the rules
They say the things that sound so fine
And use all kinds of tools

I meant to say the friends I made
Are "real" ... that's no doubt
And with them I am not afraid
To let my feelings out

So time and time online again
While meeting new friends here
We put our best foot forward then
And do so without fear

Tonja, I have seen your pic
Though I'm not one to judge
Cuz I am just a small-town hick
No hate, no lies, no grudge

Online I search not words I see
But those words left unsaid
It better shows a glimpse to me
Of where in life they're led

Within your pic I don't see "you"
I see your tender soul
Hopes and dreams you need go through
To realize your goal

My goal in lifes been shown to me
The steps have reached quite high
I've climbed it ... now I clearly see
My goal in lifes ..... to die

No, I'm not planning suicide
No plan like that at all
But yet, in truth, my time I bide
For Gods' voice now to call

Happy Holidays Tonja :-)



Seems you needed more of a hug than a kiss this morning.

I'm so sorry to hear of your dads condition Eileen. If I can be of any assistance at all, let me know how, PLEASE!

A bad state of mind is often confused with a bad state of heart. Tis the heart that is the center of emotions within us, while it is the mind that translates them. The tender soul in each of us controls both, being that intangible source of morality and emotions.

I do know the scared feeling you have. A few years ago my dad acquired "dropfoot", and all sorts of blood tests were run. They finally came to the conclusion it was a case of diabetic neuropathy. Dad went downhill, quickly, within just a couple months he was in a wheelchair and in and out of the hospital daily. At that time my oldest brother Steve quit his trucking job and stayed with mom and dad, as mom could not physically handle dad. There is a certain 2-week period where dad had just seemed to lose the will to live. Deanna and I drove the 45 miles daily to see him during that time. It was truly heartbreaking, seeing the shell of the man I call dad in such a condition. At the end of that 2-week period on the drive home that night Deanna and I both had the gut feeling we would receive a phone call the next morning telling us dad had died. I remember having to pull over to the side of the road as the tears in my ears made driving impossible. I just couldn't accept it and would have done ANYTHING to prevent it!

It was there, parked on the side of the road, I gave my burden of hopelessness and frustration to the Lord. It took awhile, but I finally came to the realization all I could do for dad was be there for him, only God could make the difference.

There's no way to explain the tranquility that swept over me once I'd made the decision to place it in Gods hands. Honestly, I would surely mourn the passing of dad, but the feeling of despair and desperation was lifted from me. It was truly a miracle, there are no other words to describe it.

I did receive a call the next morning, and my immediate response to the ringing of the phone was a heavy heart, but I answered it with a cheery voice despite the inevitalbe words I thought I'd be hearing. IT WAS DAD ON THE PHONE!!!, telling me how much he appreciated everything. He was in tears, something I had NEVER heard in his voice before.

I wept with him, and that day was the start of his recovery. He has long since discarded the wheelchair and now walks with a cane (which he'll forget someplace time and time again). He has gained some of the weight he lost back. He drives car, pickup (clutch), and tractor as he had always done before. He is not in a hurry as he had always been, now taking time every day to watch the sunset.

I dare not say the outcome of your dad may be the same, but I WILL ask you to put your trust in God through this! No, I must DEMAND you do so!! There is no feeling like that of hopelessness, and I would wish it on no one.

God answered my prayer for peace of heart, and I received it a thousandfold. Twas a miracle indeed dad recovered so quickly in the next few weeks. However, if it had gone the other way, I was totally prepared for that too, as the phone call the next morning reassured me that dad, one that rarely went to church, would now attend every Sunday. God lifted two hearts that evening, and I praise the Lord that dad was the other.

Eileen, make peace with your dad. If you don't, you'll regret it forever! Then, while making that peace, find peace of heart through the only one who can truly give it.

I only pray your outcome will be the same as it was for me. I am so glad Tim has been there through this, I surely hope he sees that you are in need of him, now more than ever. I also pray that he will realize not only has he been hurting you, but himself as well.

Just remember, all things are possible through the Creator of all things!

Love, as ALWAYS;



There's magic in the air today
There has been for some time
I sense it when at work or play
Tis explained in this rhyme

The magic I'm referring to
Encompasses the heart
This magic's only known to few
Rarely those far apart

But what is magic ... whats it mean
Besides not having one
Explanation for what's seen
I can define it hon :-)

The magic here twixt you and I
My body has gone through
It now has entered quickly by
My souls path known to you

Love is magic in the way
It's workings we don't know
I feel it more each passing day
It's more than status quo

It's like a walk upon the beach
It's like a swim at night
It's like a taste of you my peach
Your legs round my neck tight

My thoughts of you have gone beyond
The things we say in chat
Vacationing to Golden Pond
Would remedy all that

Alas, I'm stranded in this life
Without the mate I choose
It's just online you are my wife
We win .... but still we lose


Reven ge on AT&T

To Chattie
To me The Blue Man is a smurf
I've seen them on TV
Gargamel invades their turf
(A bit of fantasy)

Now ... to reality my dear
I'm glad we met online
The things you send fill me with cheer
I keep them ... mark them "mine" :-)

You've got a friend in me you know
The kind that remains true
And while it continues to grow
I hope you feel it too


To Chattie
"Relatively" speaking
It's not funny at all
So many let time slip away
Not listening for Gods call

The money, time, and thoughts we spend
For what we know is right
Compared to all else that we do
Is "relatively" tight

I could send this to all I know
And just one would complain
A dedicated atheist
And that's how she'll remain

I don't try to change mens ways
I accept who they are
Maybe I'm just a hypocrite
I do go to the bar

But I don't drink ... I gave it up
Quite some years ago
I go now to just shoot pool
I love it ..... as you know :-)

Tis funny that I felt the need
To explain why I do
Perhaps it's just a way to show
That I'm not "bad" to you

Truthfully, those words you sent
Were sent to me before
At a time we hadn't met
That's not so anymore

Anything I may receive
That concerns love and God
Forwarded to you now will be
I say this with a nod

I'm glad you sent this out today
More glad that I received
It shows me you have no dismay
The way I had perceived

I'm really happy we have met
A "true" friend is so rare
I say again ... please don't forget
For you ... I'm always there :-)





Christmas Gifs from Kay Kerns

Jesse bowl .... LOL Justifies Everyone Spontaneously ... Suspect Enemies? Judas Almost Categorizes Kickbacks Subletting Our Nirvana But ... Only Wisdom Laughs

It looks like things just might look up
If Dad can have his say
It seems your mothers sinful deeds
Are often in the way

I guess I didn't realize
The way things are for you
Continuance of friendship is
Important now --- tis true

A glimpse inside your private life
Has shown to me what's wrong
There's need to be disgusted when
Others hearts don't belong

I pray your mom will look for God
And stop her evil way
I pray each night for online friends
I hope that that's okay?

Sometime I see a brighter day
Presents itself to you
Follow the narrow pathway ... that
Is all you need to do

List of Flowering Plants

Daisys For Jenn

Walking by the floral shop
I chance a peek inside
Rows and rows of different ones
While from my sight some hide

Roses, Posies, Hyacinths ...
Chrysanthemums there too
I looked around but didn't find
The one named after you

I went inside and asked the clerk
Do you know what she said?
"I'm sorry, but we have none here.
Take violets instead."

I told her it was for someone
Who had just moved to town
(Well, not MY town, but SHE don't know
All right .... I'm just a clown :-)

I knew that she was sorry
When she stopped and looked at me
She saw disappointment ... then
She offered me five ... FREE

I asked her then if she was sure
Why would she GIVE me FIVE?
"My customers stay happy ...
That's how my shop survives"

I smiled at her, she smiled back
I knew then what she meant
She knew these flowers were for you
About the shop I went

A Daffodil I picked first
Yellow encased in white
They sorta look like your namesake
I hope that that's all right

I walked around a little more
Anthurium I chose
The heart-shaped petals that it has
Well ... only Heaven knows

I spotted one way in the back
To keep this poem in rhyme
Ilex ... very popular
Right now at Christmas time

The next ... Strelitzia I picked
A Bird of Paradise
The clerk remarked she saw a twinkle
There within my eyes

She said that I had one more choice
Then asked ... "Which?" ... cheerfully
I said you've got the right one here
But THAT one's not for me

I pointed to a Yucca plant
She asked ... "And just why not?"
I said the person that it's for
Just cannot be forgot

And Yucca plants my dearest clerk
Are plants born from the sand
The girl they're for is full of life
I hope you understand

She said she did, and that was fine
"You still have one to pick"
I looked at her and calmly said
"Well, you may think I'm sick ...

But I can't choose another one
You've been too kind to me"
Before I exited the door
I thanked her graciously

So, then I came to look for you
To see if you're online
I hoped you were, I really did
To give these plants of mine

Away to you ... for you deserve
The best in life ... tis true
To make this poem quite complete
The 5th flower is
You :-)
Dirty E-mail Cards
Buzzing honeybees Enroute throughout the trees They end their day Much like the way That we do, on our knees They know of "family" They prove it perfectly Their claim to fame Is in their name The little honeybee The drones (who are quite small) They do no work at all They fertilize The oversized Queen ... they have a ball I once paid the price Well, maybe it was twice At one I swung And then got stung Oh honeybee, bee nice

To Cindie, concerning Christmas poem

Since you're going next weekend to see Mom, may I ask a 3 favors of you? I hope you have a printer hooked up to your web, as this is going to be quite lengthy Cindie. I'm going to be writing a Christmas poem, and, instead of e-mailing it to Mom, I would be honored if you would read it to her.

You may perhaps think it better if she read it herself, but I'd rather she didn't for the simple reason one can concentrate more on what it says when hearing it as opposed to reading it. I'll be done in just a couple days time, and you'll be the first one I e-mail it to.

Now comes the 2nd favor. I'd like your honest opinion of it after you've read it. If there is ANYTHING about it you don't find appropriate or you dislike, please let me know, k? If so, I will make adjustments to it, and re-mail it back to you for further proofing.

When, and only when, you've given it the go-ahead, I'll e-mail the finished product to everyone I know online. Sometimes I get carried away when writing poems, that's why I'm asking if you'll proof it for me :-)

Now, for the 3rd favor. Right now I'm drawing a blank as to the content of this poem. What do you think? Make it about the birth of Baby Jesus, describing the setting and the travels of the wise men? Make it about the nature of the season, the "tis better to give than receive"? Make it about a specific childhood Christmas I may remember? Make it about the "change" we all go through during this season, the one time during the entire year we overlook others frailties and strive to be the person we know we should? So many choices --- Maybe a combination of all of the aforementioned?

H E L P ..... lol

Yes, I could come up with a reasonable content to the poem, but, first of all, I want you to know I'm dedicating it to Betty. So, if you would, make a request of something she can relate to. If it is very personal, I won't include specific names if you'd rather I didn't.

Let me know Cindie, either way, k?

Until then, enjoy the peaceful season and may God bless you and yours :-)

Sorry to hear you weren't so well
I pray you're better now
About such things one just can't tell
So Gods ways best ..... and how :-)

Now one may ask "But Lord, why me?"
No question's out-of-place
To answer this quite honestly
Tis scourges of our race

The multitudes have turned away
From Him who made us all
To know the price Jesus did pay
Is likened to God's call

I hope your Christmas is the best
That you have ever had
Take care and get plenty of rest
Discouragement is bad

So with these words I say right now
I pass to you good cheer
I stand in front of you and bow ...
"Merry Christmas Betty, Happy New Year!"
My First Christmas in Heaven
No matter what you think or do
The hair you have's no fright on you
I say this cuz I am quite bald
(That at least by others called)

I've found it's how we hold our heads
Down - anxieties and dreads
Up - means hope and trust and love
And all the good things we think of

So look those people in their eyes
Pretend a look of feigned surprise
"Wow, I forgot to do my hair"
The next time, like me, leave it there



I couldn't resist ... hahaha ... being there's only "one" style that I can wear anyway ..... none at all


May Sunday have no hidden test
And truly be the day of rest
Cuz Betty dear - I have been blessed
With friends like you, I have THE BEST!



It's been a long time Melanie
Tis true you now are wed?
If so, that's GREAT, I trust you be
Quite happy where life's led

For just to fall in love is quite
A miracle today
To find that Miss or Mr Right
Who often slips away

Congratulations to you dear
The best I wish for you
In doing so I hope it's clear
I wish it now for two :-)

Thank you so much Boopie
I'm swaying with the flow
My head's a little droopy
As yet we've had no snow

It doesn't seem like Christmastime
Without the world of white
I think it would be quite sublime
If it would snow tonight

The 26th it could all melt
That would be fine with me

Recapturing how I once felt
In younger days ... so free

No responsibilities
Only gifts and love
The beanies worn in chilly breeze
Now that's what I speak of

You have a Merry Christmas
That extends for evermore
Cuz right now it is just us
That reads this poem of lore :-)

Semantic Rhyming Dictionary

   Message From: (Bruce P.) Date: Wed, Feb 9, 2000, 2:16pm To: Cc: Subject: Re: Greatest Love (Page 13) Hope is a mystery held in the soul All others can see its effects Combine that with love and we'll all find our goal As the mirror on the wall just reflects Hope is a memory of when things were good And trusting they will be again Hope is a story that reads as it should Of the future, not how things have been Hope is a newborns first gasping of air To know that it will be all right Trust in that hope for God's always there To make all our worries take flight Hope is a boat in a bottomless sea It keeps us from sinking too fast Hope is from friends, like you've been to me It separates future from past Hope is not money, or expensive things Hope is a feeling inside Hope can be thought of as what a prayer brings Hope always will turn the tide