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30 miles from Hartford, Connecticut
Likes diet pepsi, dominoes pizza

Message From: Date: Sun, Feb 13, 2000, 11:47am (MST+2) To: Subject: it's almost noon here I can come on in about a half hour. How about you? For an hour or so. Right now I have to get dressed and do some housework.....i have been very lazy!!! LOL
Valentine Hug
Message From: Date: Thu, Feb 17, 2000, 6:28am (MST+2) To: (Bruce P.) Subject: Re: Night Can't believe that I'm actually up so early! Going to go out for breakfast and then grocery shopping with a girlfriend. I'll be around this afternoon after Noon my time. How about you? Can we chat? Maaybe with Pookie too? I think she and I could become good friends. I'll chat with you later, just say which room. MORNING!!!

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