Rapture Soon Will Be

An open room right here online
Is where we two first met
Intriguing nick ... HesDreaming
I dream too don't forget

I messaged you, I'm not sure why
Do we dare call it fate?
If I'd a choice to do again
I would not hesitate

The highlight of my day to days
Are those times we're on the phone
I want, I love my Red Savage
White Beaver's all alone

I do not mean entirely
I've family, like you
I need for you to know my thoughts
Of lonesomeness gone through

I miss our Saturdays of talk
I long to be the host
I want to start a life with you
I miss your presence most

The memory of making love
Is steadfast in my mind
If love is blind's a common phrase
I'm happy to be blind

I realize things happen
Sometimes quick as a wink
I ask you, please, don't hide from me
I don't know what to think

July 9th I too was nervous
But when I saw you the first time
I knew you were the man for me
Above reason or rhyme

A temptress I will always be
To Red Savage whom I love
This White Beaver that's known as me
Has lustful memories of

I want you Richard, for all time
Please say you'll share my life
We've made plans that I pray come true
Those of man and wife

There's no more thoughts of Ken dolls
I'm picturing a view
Where I'm a beaver on the wall
Being mounted there by you

You've brought good luck into my life
Momma needs a car today
I hit the jackpot when we met
You make everything okay

This country bumpkin's had a taste
Of what life's meant to be
It's meant to be accompanied
By two whose hearts agree

One thing about your headband
I see it as a sign
That you are the angel of life
You surely are to mine