T   o    M   y    A   n   g   e   l

We're going on a trip today
Where to it matters not
Just the fact we get away
To some place long forgot


To view things with an angels eyes

Takes love and innocent surprise

And while we all fall short of this

I fell in love with last nights kiss

So while it's true we may not meet

No victory and no defeat

There is no battle plan in view

Bailey, just know that I LOVE YOU


So pack your bags ... don't hesitate
Let's start now so we won't be late
Just sit back and we'll soon be there
That place that no one else can share

On this trip you'll see some things
That people rarely do

Like baby tigers that have wings

Or flowers filled with dew



That place that I'm referring to
Lives only in ones mind
But Bailey, when I think of you
These things are what I find



I see a lovely flower
That's resting for the night
In hopes tomorrow brings some rain
Followed by sunlight



An angel hears the prayer request
And delivers it to God
He'd planned a day of cloudiness
But answers with a nod


"Of course I'll let this flower grow
The trials of loss and pain
Have been enough, so now she'll know
That there's still much to gain"



All God's angels all around
If listening closely will be found
Within their human counterparts
Within their souls ... within their hearts
Or sometimes, if we are lucky
Our angel will a kitten be

To have and hold and show our love
Cuz cats don't know what love's made of
All cats merely just survive
They're playful pets when they arrive
So cute and cuddly when they're young
That we think love in thems begun


Happy Birthday Bailey

With Love