Happy Valentines Day   

  Here's a card for Valentines
That's filled with some good cheer
For people that have never met
But still find friendship here

Valentine's for lovers
Or beaus and sweethearts too
But surely such a card like this
I can send to you

Different stages known in love
We've all known since our birth
I believe that everyone
All across the Earth

Should love their neighbor as themselves
Let joy and harmony
Guide our way the year throughout
The way that it should be





"Just thought I'd pop in and say ..."



Or ...




In other words ...





          Happy        Valentines             Day





We may have know each other
For a long time ...
Or a relatively short time ...
It matters not the length.

What does matter is how
We feel about each other
The kindness ... support ... well-wishing ...
Yes ... the
That we have found together

How much it has grown since knowing each other





While we see different things
Throughout our lives
We can still share them
With each other

As we know, without a doubt
That we will still see
The same sun ... the same moon
The same starry skies at night


So ... to you today ... may your Guardian Angel
Watch over you and shower you with love




May the love that is in all of us
Be shown to others, so that we may
All be angels to any less fortunate than ourselves





To you, my online friend :)