A Teddy Bear For Dell

Teddy bears dancing
Moonlight romancing
Tapping their paws on the ground
They go to extremes
Well, that's how it seems
When they know no one else is around

The sweet taste of honey
Although it sounds funny
Lends wings to the step of the dance
Above, in the trees
A gathering of bees
Join in while they still have the chance

The landscape is tame
A gentle wind came
A soft peaceful whistling of breeze
Delivered the sound
To those all around
Of the rustling of leaves in the trees

An angel appeared
The breeze disappeared
Love filled the forest with dreams
As peace would surround
God's creatures had found
That they knew what serenity means

So on that day
Love came their way
To this magical place where they dwell
Emerging in time
As a human sublime
Twas Walt as a teddy bear for Dell