Bailey Meets DJ

Sent to: (Billy) : (Carol) : (Jenn) : (Dana) : Sorry my mailbox was full. A cousin sent an early birthday card, and it took up "28%" of my storage.....accccckkkkk !! Anyway --- to the good stuff.... Thanks so much for sharing your pics with me. I loved looking at them, and can't wait until the rest are developed. It looks like yall really blended well. I am so glad. I'm very glad that it met your expectations. I was soooooo scared that one of you would be let down......I should have known better ........ foolish me ..... too jaded (sometimes.....) ..... So when is the returned trip planned ??? (Lily) : (Diane) : awwww......geeez tx so much for sharing with us.......y'all make an awesome couple!!!! (Diane) : (Geoffrey) : Hi Angel!! Sorry I took so long to reply to your letter. My Mom and both brothers were here since last Thursday, and I hadn't had a chance to wade through my E-Mail until yesterday. I had to save your letter for a reply later because I didn't have time to properly respond until just now. Sounds like your trip was everything you hoped it would be, and for that, I'm truly happy for you, Hon! It must have been agonizing for you to have to leave. I've known the happiness you seem to be experiencing when I met Jannie 10 years ago, and can relate to the emptiness you must feel when you have to limit your contact to the phone and the internet until Spring. I'm looking forward to the additional pix when you get them developed, and hope you'll turn on the MSN Instant Messenger long enough to say "Hi" when you see me online. Thanks for thinking of me long enough to write on Saturday, and keep those cards and letters coming in!! (Amy) : The pics were G R E A T!!!!!!!! Thanks to "both" of you for sharing. Wish you continued love and happiness:) btw in case you're wondering, I don't have a "reply all" and tooooo lazy to type all those addy's lol (Cindy) : Sorry for the late response on the pics!!!!! Looks like the makings of a new kind of friendship to me!!!!!!!!! I want to thank you guys for sharing!!!!!! I am back if you haven't noticed I haven't been on for a day or two my 16 year old was taking out the trash at work and his feet slipped out from under him because the floor was wet !!!!! and he hit his head on the door facing and so I have been out at the hospital with him he had 5 stitches in his head and a slite concussion BUT don't worry he is ok !!!! the doctor said it was to far from his heart to kill him..LMAO...No it is funny now seeing him with his head all swollen...but like all mothers I was scared to death when I got the call from his work telling me they were taking him to the hospital...And OMG...I don't know if I can stand him being on this medication it is making him silly..LMAO So back to normal around here....what ever normal is...LMAO Talk to you all soon. (Nikki) : bailey i am so happy you two hit it off ..... ok now im not wasting time here, hehehehe when are you two getting together for good ?!?! ..... he loves and adores you you know ... (Lisa) : aaawwwwww so sweet.....:-) (Mikey) : Hey nice pics............ I finally got to see what Bruce Looks like About time LOL When are you going out again or is he going to see you???????????? Have a good evening (Midge) : (Gloria) : thanks for sharing your pics with us bailey, looking forward to seeing the others. sshh...don't tell DJ, but your cat is the prettiest. lol luv ya (Ric) : (Christy) : Thanks Bailey for sharing your pictures. I know you had a wonderful time. Now hurry up and send the others lol. Take care (Tara) : LOL, and all this time I was worried I was going to have to duct tape him somewhere.... You could have told me he just just a big cuddly bear!!!! He is a very handsome man, as too you are a beautiful woman, and the two of you make a beautiful couple. I think Ric said it best, you really have shown all of us that we can find happiness if we just trust... The pics were great, thanks for sharing ... Sooooo, when does he come to your house?   lmao... just being nosey... : You two are beautiful .... Thanks .... This is soooo wonderful .... I hope you both will be very happy .... God luv you ..... Ugg does too ... Thanks for sharing ..... (Alexis) : (Debbie) : Bailey, You are a really pretty lady. DJ is a very handsome man too. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. Love is such a magical thing. Life just gets sweeter when love is involved. Are you planning on moving to North Dakota? I wish you both happiness Bailey. You truly deserve it you are a very sweet lady. I'm tickled everything worked out so well for you all. Mark and I are still going strong. Seems that love just keeps growing deeper and deeper with us. He is so good to me. I'll talk to you soon Bailey (Dell) : : Thanks soo very much for the pics of U and DJ. You two look very good together. I hope that He makes u as Happy as Tammie (sweetangel827) makes me. I feel soo special since she has enterd into my life. We have lots of pics also. Maybe if u wouldn't mind . You could help me and Tammie with our pics for online. I don't know a thing on how to do it and Tammie wants to so I back her all the way . It would be nice to meet U and DJ sometime , I know Tammie would Love a chance like that also. I will let u go for now so bye and take care Hun (Mary) : Great pics bailey.... ya make a cute couple. Now i can put a face with the Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics... (Pamela) : hey bay! you look so happy!!! i love the muahhh!!! dj does have kind eyes, and i think you guys make a great couple! now, for this coming summers vacation, how about here? that would be great! think about it, and let dj know ok (Stacie) : I am so glad you met someone wonderful -- someone as wonderful as you are. Thanks for sharing these pictures and the special moments of your life! I was truly touched by it all ! Thank you again! (Sharon) : YAHOO!! I am so glad you had a wonderful time with DJ, and I can't wait to hear all about it! I simply loved the pics and would LOVE to see some more!! (Stacy) : I got the pics! Looks like you had a great time! I'm glad it all turned out good for you! I was kinda worried! You never know what's out there! Thanks for sharing! (Angie) : DJ- Hi Angie here or "Mowcow". I'm very happy for you and Bailey. I have met someone online over a year ago. We have exchanged pictures and talked on the phone in this time. In fact he or we have became a "reality". We have talked and I'm supposed to meet him for the first time face to face in Jan. He lives in NJ I live in KY. I'm very much in "love" with him but also (thought) I was scared that all we have now will be gone when we spend 2 weeks together. This was until you shared your story about Bailey. Thank You for the reassurance that good things do happen to good people. I wish you and Bailey all the love and happiness that God has in store. Thank you again! :)))) : Awww you two are so cute!!! Glad you had such a good time. Thank you for sharing such a special time with me All the best!! (Cindie) : (Danielle) : (Diane) : oh i love those pics !!!!!!!!thank-you!!!!! you two look great together and i am glad you had such a wonderful time! my mom has a friend she met from the web visiting right now! he is from nebraska-they are having alot of fun!! i know those good-byes are very hard. hope you two are making plans for another reunion! : that is great great news i wish a lifetime of happiness for you both:) (Donna) : (Gale) : : Thank you for sharing your story and pics! How wonderful that 2 ridic family members fell in love, that is so awesome! You 2 are so cute together!!!! Good luck to both of you and maybe one day we'll have us a ridic wedding! (Jason) : (Kevin) : (Lee & Ev) : I just received the pics and would like to say  wtg.  I knew things would work out.  Bailey seem like a good woman and I hope you get together again real soon. What a great thing to happen to you.   Take care.  :-) (Linda) : thanks for sharing those pictures, looks like you had a great time!!!! Linda (Lorenda) : (Marge) : It has been a long time and so much has happened. I MISS YOU !!!!!!! Congrats to you and Bailey!!!!! I am so glad you have found happiness!!!!! I have reunited with my husband, bought a house, now am a real GRANDMA!!!! I miss our inspirational thought trades on life and of course your poetry!!!! Family update: Tj (oldest son) & Chrissy had a Boy on 11/1 Tammi is still in college 3rd yr Richard still persuing acting Billy still being a curious 11 yr old ME------- Living Life and loving every moment of it Write soon of course I am now mommasback (AKA Delimomma) Miss You (Melodie) : that is just awesome you guys!!! thank you for sharing and i'm looking forward to more!!! (Michelle) : Great pics!!! Thanks for sharing (Michelle) : (Nancy) : (Becky) : (Rose) : (Serena) : (Shawna) : (Sheila) : (Teresa) : (Marcy) : I am so glad you sent those to me, I am glad the two of you finally met and that it was worth the wait for you two :-)) I told you I met my hubby online and we have been happily married for a little over a year now. (Chris) : Hiya Bailey, thanks for sharing the pics, y'all look great together! See ya next game, Chris. : You and DJ look good together! You both look happy! I am very happy for you both! Lenny is coming here tomorow for good, I can't wait. I am so excited! Talk to you later, I am heading to church! It's All Saints Day and I am a good little Catholic girl! Talk to you later! : awwwww thanx 4 sharing your pics with me looks like u 2 had a great time awwwww u both have put the faith back in me thank u so much my dear friend love ya lots : so happy for you and DJ. Let me know when the big day comes. (Krissy) : OMG! TY for sharing I love those pics. I have good news tonight , After sobbing and begging Jesse said I can keep both Webtv and cable : ) I am so happy for you look very happy : )