Why I Love You

You've asked me why I love you
The answer took awhile
It's in the little things you do
Going that extra mile

(1. For your uncompromising love.)
You've shown me that love can exist
Between two far apart
There was no doubt when we first kissed
That you captured my heart

(2. For your unending patience.)
Time is not a factor
When two peoples' love can't hide
Our bodies are just actors
For the love we feel inside

(3. For accepting me as I am.)
You've seen the faults within me
You say I'm a-okay
I know we'll live in harmony
Each and every day

(4. For loving me when no one else could.)
We both had gone this route before
But something wasn't right
A life together needs much more
Than a license in black and white

(5. For listening to my foolish chatter.)
I hear you in the wind that blows
In the fall of springtime rains
I have a sense my heart sure knows
What my lonely life gains

(6. For picking me up when I fall.)
For years to come I'll be there
For all that you may need
I now see your eyes everywhere
Come back to me Godspeed

(7. For your loyalty.)
I will be true forever
Because you are the one
No mortal hand can sever
These feelings for you Hon

(8. For not letting me get full of myself.)
Most humans think of just themselves
In lives each person leads
There's more to homes than walls and shelves
It's just you this man needs

(9. For lending a shoulder to cry on.)
The tears of loneliness are gone
The joyful times are back
The past we needn't dwell on
We're both moving ... let's go pack

(10. For your trust.)
There is no doubt within my heart
To be with you is a must
The time drags on when we're apart
In you I'll always trust

(11. For knowing when to speak and when not to.)
Our silence sometimes means much more
Than words could ever say
For us I know good things in store
As God lights up the way

(12. For realizing that I am a work in progress.)
We all have faults but they can't pull
The goodness from inside
You're kind and loving ... beautiful
From you my love won't hide

Written by DJ-Sweeper for Bailey