To My Love

Five years and two days ago
I met my love online
Of course we've had our ups and downs
But everything's still fine
We didn't steal each others heart
We freely chose to give it
And through times course there's still true love
Because, each day, we live it

It's hard to translate feelings
Emotions have their own
Set of floors and walls and ceilings
Defined by you alone
The prose I write is not profound
But it's what I feel inside
So interpretations by which you're bound
Might give my meaning chance to hide

I researched a bit on Valentines
But not to great extent
Folklore insists on Cupid
And the arrows that are sent
By my interpretation
Love's magical from the start
That's the best way to describe the thing
That has happened in my heart

Hours, days, months and years
Time itself can't stop
I trace it back and shed some tears
Fully knowing as they drop
Life is but a moment's stretch
While love goes on forever
The artwork here I've tried to sketch
Is we're in this thing ..... together

Written by DJ-Sweeper for Bailey