Time at the Crossroads


A decades time in history
That draws new life forward
Enhances all that we may be
And leading lost hearts together
Let's share these moments while they last
Until our future becomes our past
In doing so we live and learn
As time becomes the prize we earn
With each new sun that will arise
The minutes pass before our eyes
Following its endless path
Like a river to the sea
Streamlined throughout history
Following the beaten path to mystery
So think not of what lies ahead
And don't worry about where other paths may have lead
Take time to see the roses bloom
Don't stay locked away inside your room
Tis best to let your senses fill
Than to let the beauty be ignored
But viewed within your own accord
And take your time to find its meaning
As time permits us all the chance
Though soon may come the final dance
Perhaps next month, next week, today
Our choices will affect each other in some way