Merry Christmas Kevin!!


The irony of Christmas is no one to share it with
Tis so when friends go on their merry way
Tis good for them we realize ... to some it's just a myth
Festivities for me start late today

You're alone this Christmas Day but many think of you
I know what it is like from years ago
I hope that you will take the time to read completely through
This poem I send today so you will know

That Christmas then I took the time to list all those I knew
I thought of them and of their worlds of glee
I wondered deep inside myself (the way you may now too)
Just exactly what they thought of me

The hours went like minutes when I thought of all my friends
It truly was a way for me to cope
Not of distance mind you but in how a friendship mends
The qualities of love and peace and hope

We don't talk much through messages but I'd like to say
That I'm not into racing as you are
Playstation's Nascar98 was more than just okay
Twas me that drove Dale Earnhardt's hopped-up car

You sent 2 messages to all the friends you have online
But on neither of them Killer did I see
A 3rd one then was sent and in the scrapbook that is mine
I saved it ... knew I would eventually

You're into motorcycles .. of that I know a bit
But not as much as people think I should
Years ago my dad sold BSAs ... (they were a hit)
I'd ride around the yard whene'er I could

9 acres on the homestead runs a quarter mile in length
I started on 250s, maybe 3s
I got quite good at racing, improved my will and strength
I "graduated" to the Rocket III

Don't ask me of the cc's in the engine ... I don't know
A 750 maybe ... I'm not sure
The first time I got on it and I hit the gas to go
The "wheelie" following was quite the cure

Saddlebags n side-view mirrors n muffler quite unique
Alas ... those days of BSAs are gone
Stood for Birmingham Small Arms, an Engish bike of streak
Though I never timed it out when I got on

I hope I haven't bored you with renditions of my past
Just thought it'd help to pass the time of day
You're right in thinking now, "He's stopping it, AT LAST!!"