A billion little pinholes
Above me in the sky
Each redirects specific goals
I, during life, might try

And all the years that I may live
I know within my heart
That while, inside, I've much to give
Tis just a minor part

Sometimes I feel I'm from a place
Where all was pure and clean
I feel I've joined this human race
Arriving here unseen

Who knows the memories recalled
They're trapped within our minds
Perhaps we all have been U-hauled
From regions no one finds

So if tis true I beamed aboard
I'll need to find myself
I'll need to mute and press record
While I sit on the shelf

Within this prose I write today
There are meanings some won't find
They're hidden ones so it's okay
Don't think that you are blind

And so, if quietly I came
To live amongst all here
Logically we're all the same
In things we hold most dear

Each trial in our life permits
A heated flame or spark
The deeper that the impact hits
Shows us its found its mark

Each life contains its ups and downs
Reaction follows suit
Our faces show our smiles and frowns
This point, we find, is moot

The feelings though, that we engage
Whisper to us alone
Until such time we burst in rage
Or make these trials known

Just know each day we're being watched
By someone who sees all
Each implication found is notched
To, in future times, recall

Tis God who takes away the pain
We gather through the years
Our loss is Heavens perfect gain
Just ask ... He always hears

Written 6-3-01