Giving Ones Heart

Who'd have thought one year ago
How close I'd get to you
Is it just luck that I could know
A rare love seen by few?

Perhaps it's more an answered prayer
That God himself has sent
No matter whence it came it's there
I'll tell you what it's meant

To me your love means everything
It's the sun within the sky
It's the rainbow that a downpour brings
So pleasing to the eye

It's knowing that our future holds
A time we're not apart
I call the wait while time unfolds
The giving of ones heart

A tender kiss, a warm embrace
The sensuals spoke of
That we'll enjoy in our own place
Our hideaway of love

'Love at first type' I found in you
I knew it from the start
There is no other that can do
What you've done with my heart

A long-distance relationship
On both parties is hard
But I know I've only seen the tip
Of the person that you are

Just know that I love what I see
There's no doubt in my mind
You are the only one for me
No other will I find

It's not that there could not be more
I just refuse to look
I plan ahead for what's in store
Like notations in a book

The book that I'm referring to
Is laced with themes of art
But just one theme clearly shines through
I give to you my heart

For you Bailey ... with all my love

Happy 1-year anniversary!

Feb 12, 2001