Loading up might take some time

Of the tune you're going to hear

For now, relax, enjoy the rhyme

Grab yourself a beer

The gif, also, won't load too fast

But it's not under the gun

In other words you should be past

The reading when it's done

The tune was chosen for the way

It rises then it falls

Reminds me of how fireworks play

Against the night skies walls

A very strange perspective

Is the gif way at the end

In it I was selective

So the page combined would blend

My father was a sidewinder

My mother a black cat

For years I tried to find her

But she disappeared ... like that

Dad stuck around a year or two

Don't remember just how long

But I do recall the last nights view

Before everything went wrong

Dad and I were traveling

Along with all our kin

Then rough hands were unraveling

The pack we traveled in

I heard screams of laughter

Coming 'cross the glade

Too soon we were sent after

An armored cavalcade

Okay ... twas just a bicycle

But to me it was a tank

'Least it was not a tricycle

Now that would be a prank

A dozen at a time we sped

From an empty beer bottle

My dad exploded right ahead

I tried to stop the throttle

Somehow it worked cuz I fell down

And laid there in the grass

I waited there, sporting a frown

Ready to kiss my @

The explosion that would end my days

Never came that night

I heard a couple "You okay's?"

A little to my right

We laid there ... nothing else to do

Saying how lucky we were

The morning came, and then the dew

Then a cow approached ... damn her!

I'd heard about these giant things

After they chew their cuds

I feared cow pies their eating brings

Dropping on us duds

Thank goodness she walked right on past

Swishing high her tail

Then a young boy came, walking quite fast

Carrying a pail

In his other hand he held a stool

Which he set beside me

"What's he doin?""He's milkin you fool!"

My 2 kinfolk agree

He finished, then he picked us up

(I'd hoped he hadn't seen)

He broke us, poured us in a cup

This farm boy sure was mean!!

Meticulous, he took his time

Thinking while he took short walks

Found a ladder and went for a climb

Came back carrying a box

He emptied and he quartered us

A dozen piles lay strewn

Then I heard him softly cuss

He left ... came back at noon

A jar of glue he brought with him

And a tool that he had made

I knew that by his boyish whim

I should be afraid

The tool, a whittled piece of wood

A dozen points well spaced

He glued us (as I knew he would)

On three boxes sides, well placed

Our powder held fast to the glue

Everything was set

And then he walked away ... I knew

He'd be back tonight I bet

Sure enough ... at half past nine

He came back (the little JERK)

His ma and pa and sis in line

To see his handiwork

He dug his Bic out from his shirt

And took a bite of chew

He spit a puddle in the dirt

Ready to do what he would do

He lit the tool, all dozen tips

Held it on us til we sparked

And as we all cashed in our chips

"Watch this" the brat remarked

DJ-Sweeper July 1st 2001