Have you ever felt an infants' hand

Close upon your finger?

If you have then you will understand

Feelings like these will linger

Time is such a constant force

Nothing stands in its way

The more enjoyed it will, of course

Go faster through each day

A moments glimpse is all it takes

To form forevers' view

The feelings that a child wakes

Are never lost in you

Fingerprints upon ones' soul

Impressions formed by love

Children play an angelic role

In the view of God above

Each baby slides from Heaven

On a rainbow linked to Earth

While a week may count days seven

We can't count what babes are worth

Windows to the soul are eyes

To the heart it's through a smile

Children offer no disguise

They're innocent in style

Fingerprints we wear outside

We keep until we're gone

But fingerprints we wear inside

Will always linger on