Believe It Or Not!
This collection of trivia is absolutely true!


001. An African kissar is a musical instrument made from a human skull and gazelle horns.

002. Census confidentiality laws provide for the safety of escaped convicts.

003. A giant centipede found in Trinidad was over one foot long.

004. A Swiss watch costing over $30,000 is only 1.89 millimeters thick.

005. A photo made at a track meet won 3 prizes when it was exhibited upside down.

006. Josephine Baker, singer and dancer, in a brief period received 40,000 love letters.

007. Pianist composer, Eubie Blake, when in his 90's, revealed he subsisted on candy.

008. Comedian George Burns started using a cigar in his act at age 14 years.

009. J. J. Astor, founder of a fur dynasty, came to America with only $25 and a Sunday suit.

010. Bottle gourds made of paper are pasted on Chinese homes each New Year's Eve to ward off epidemics.

011. Movie star Stewart Granger had to change his name since his real name was Jimmy Stewart.

012. When enamoured at markets, masked Berber women murmur "You have captured my liver."

013 For 5 days in 1869, Elihu Washburne was America's Secretary of State.

014. The object worshipped by over 400 million Buddhists is a tooth.

015. From 1702 to 1709, Edward Hyde, who wore women's clothes and was a spendthrift, was Governor of New York.

016. To commemorate a visit by Queen Victoria an arch was made of coal.

017. The fat of flying fish was used by Indians in colonial Virginia instead of butter.

018. A 14-foot-long python is easily controlled by stretching its body.

019. A French woodcut made prior to 1550 is the first depiction of a female dentist.

020. The Canadian National Railroad is three miles longer in summer than in winter.

021. Leon Yonders, playing pool with the cue behind his back, sank 180 balls in succession.

022. Tabular icebergs turn blue with age and sometimes are 100 miles long.

023. Natives on the island of Yap use money made of 12 foot stones.

024. Eleven per cent of the average grocery bill pays for packaging.

025. The first motorcar built by Carl Benz in 1885 was a gas-powered tricycle.

026. The gates of the Cabildo Museum are made from torture weapons.

027. C. S. Rolls was the first pilot to fly across the English Channel.

028. One who panders to the wealthy or influential is called a toadeater.

029. A tropical woody vine covered with barbed hairs that can cause severe itching is the cowage.

030. The character of Shakespeare who has the most lines to speak is Hamlet.

031. Charles Parnell first conceived 'boycotting' as a political weapon to ostracize a man named Boycott.

032. An ancient Egyptian painting indicates that 4,000 years ago baboons were trained to harvest figs.

033. A rearing horse painted by Indians of the American plains was a symbol of starvation.

034. American naval hero John Paul Jones was not American, was not named Jones, and never commanded an American fleet.

035. A German lunatic, Leuben, turned over cards 10 hours a day for 20 years, until they came up in a certain order to win a bet.

036. Christmas was forbidden in Massachusetts for 22 years.

037. John Payne, author of 'Home Sweet Home' never had a home of his own.

038. A group of rooks, a European bird similar to the crow, is called a building.

039. A group of snipes, a wading bird, is called a wisp.

040. A group of bears is called a sleuth.

041. David Rice Atchison, President Pro-Tem of the Senate, bacame President of the United States for 24 hours in 1849 because Zachary Taylor refused to be sworn in on a Sunday.

042. Ida Mintz, at age 75, ran two 26-mile marathons.

043. Hopi Indian women wore their hair in buns to indicate they were single.

044. The barn owl has a face shaped like a heart.

045. An auto built in 1903 ran on railroad tracks.

046. Clarence Saunders in 1916 founded the first self-service food store.

047. James McBride carved a check to $327.54 in granite.

048. An annual holiday in Castleton, England, features a king dressed in flowers.

049. In 1963, the United States government considered using pennies made of plastic.

050. An auctioneer received $7,000 for a stuffed auk.

051. Ground-up mummy fragments were used in Europe as medicine.