About Me

I rarely talk about my past as there's things I did I hate
You've been straight with me so now I'll elaborate
It spans some almost 30 years when I was still in school
I lost my temper and I almost broke the golden rule

I grew up with Sunday School and church and I believe in God
I know virtues and morals so my telling you is odd
I know the rights and wrongs of life and I know about Gods will
I know His Ten Commandments ... I know thou shalt not kill

A Madonna that I knew in school was one year past my age
And she was shy and timid, she had built herself a cage
A cage, or wall, around herself to keep the riffraff out
But you know that they still come in, they'll break those walls no doubt

Well .. I became a friend of hers, we conversed every day
And I mean we grew really close cause no sex got in the way
We laughed and cried and talked and joked; we became great friends
In time, though, others thoughts of lust saw our friendship end

It was Homecoming, I know it well, I remember to this day
3 others from another town raped her, had their way
They left her bloody on the field after everyone had gone
And no one thought to look for her until the next days dawn

The shy and timid girl I knew withdrew within herself
Almost comatose they finally put her file on the shelf
Almost 2 years she didn't change, she just sat there and stared
No one knew her assailants, after time nobody cared

All things change as time goes by and so, thank God, did she
She crossed that fine line once again into reality
And she forgot about that night like it never took place
I was glad that her ordeal was done, no rememberance was her grace

She married 1 year later and she chose me to sing
I saw the love that those two shared, it was a gorgeous thing
But on that night it all came back when they had gone to bed
She left him then she called me .. the next morning she was dead

Suicide they called it, into a frozen river she had jumped
No one guessed the cause of it, the police force was stumped
But she had told me all 3 names and I knew I'd make them pay
There was no chance on Gods green earth I'd let them get away

The first one was a simple one, I found him at his job
He managed truckers avenues, a dispatcher named Bob
I really can't remember everything that we both said
But I know as I walked out the door I assumed that he was dead

He wasn't though, he still lived on, and when they asked him who it was
He'd tell them he had no clue, something a guilty heart does
But his two buddies, he sure told them, and told them what I knew
Within a week just one to go, I'd beat up number two

The last one was a hunter, owned a pistol in his name
And while I'd never fired a gun I saw him as my game
I cornered him deer season, just about to take his shot
And when he saw that it was I in his crosshairs I was caught

A missfire showed no bullet come before him I was upon
I grabbed his gun, wasted the rounds, til all but one were gone
I had him on the ground, had the barrel to his head
I was squeezing on the trigger, knew he would soon be dead

Then a friend of mine who's very close happened on the spot
He begged and pleaded with me, said he knew that I'd be caught
I took that just the way he meant .. my friend would turn me in
Twas then I realized, no matter what, Madonna could not win

So I betrayed my friend that day, I let her killers go
And I knew within my very soul no one could ever know
I'd not disturb her body in its final resting place
For a possible trace of semen linking dna to face